Wednesday, January 09, 2008

art for my little cousin

If you are a 13 yr old girl or a 45 yr old man this is what's going on inside your head. Don't lie to yourself, embrace the sparkles and the overuse of pink. One day I'll use another fall back color. Pink was used in prison because it's suppose to calm down the emotional aggression of inmates. Unfortunately it had side affects and we all know what that is.. humm don't drop the soap.
P.S. don't let me drink 3 sodas in the same day while I'm near a computer...I'm going to stop typing now


Anonymous said...

i like the drawing and i like what you said :)


Anonymous said...

The closer I get to 45 the more I see myself as that grubby old pervert in a trench coat... with no pants.

It has its own romanticism, in a sense: unbridled passion, desperate need, desperate love, desperate adoration. Can't you SEE it?? Squint more; that always helps.

Being glamorous, like some prince or spotless knight, just takes too much effort, and ultimately ends in delusion, then revelation, then combustion, then sorrow, then trench coats with no pants.

ANX said...

This is what its all about in your brain. I know, I've been in there remember? =D Very cute use of the tones. Surprising it doesn't wash out the piece at all and I really like the clothing designs. Ver' cute.