Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Time for new years resolutions. I figure it I type it out for all the virtual world to see, I will have to keep at lest some of my resolutions. So here is my list
resolution 1: be able to run a mile without walking, I use ta be able to do this in high school without any problem
resolution 2: no more boys with tattoos (ok maybe I won't be able to keep this one but I'm gonna try to resist)
Resolution 3: only drink caffeine when I really need it, today doesn't count, this is all starting tomorrow
Resolution 4: get my damn website up before spring
Resolution 5: sell the bug, time to let go of my college car
Resolution 6: learn HTML
resolutions : less sugar
resolutions: less TV
resolutions: have more fun
Resolution 10: be happy?? I guess

So there it is


Boogervampire said...

I'm gonna start a betting pool on how long you can go with out a boy with a tattoo. WAHAHAHAHAH!

potato farm girl said...

I bet 50c 'cause I don't want to lose more than that. I like Resolution #10!